Adelaida presents 'Muérdago'Music
Friday 1416:15 - 17:00
Guided by voices

Adelaida’s music is pure fantasy. From her production studio ‘“on the moon”, the Catalan artist mixes mystical elements into her delicate compositions. With a background in fine arts and choir, her approach to music is both unorthodox and deeply personal. She explores the expressive limits of the voice, creating songs from innumerable layers of chants: as can be heard on Cántaro, her debut album (which was produced by fellow Sónar 2024 artist LANAV). For her second album, she’s collaborating with local producers MANS O and Pura Cadera. Gloomier and more baroque in tone, it conjures up visions of chimerical landscapes, her voice once again at the centre of her, accompanied by gentle electronic production flourishes. She’ll reach out to the audience for an intimate concert at Sónar 2024.