Generating panic?Forum
Thursday 1310:30 - 12:00
with Artur Garcia (BSC), Manolo Martínez (Universitat de Barcelona), Marta Handenawer (Domestic Data Streamers), Marta Peirano (Journalist and Author), Rebecca Fiebrink (University of the Arts London)

In a special forum moderated by Eduard Alarcón - researcher and professor at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya’s BarcelonaTech school - and Sónar+D commissioner Antònia Folguera, a group of experts and thinkers will address the present reality and near future of AI in relation to the arts and cultural industries.


Manolo Martínez is associate professor at the philosophy department of the Universitat de Barcelona. A onetime member of pop-rock group Astrud, these days he dedicates himself to exploring questions around cognitive philosophy and the philosophy of biology.


Marta Handenawer is a writer and researcher at Barcelona collective Domestic Data  Streamers. Her work explores ideas of power, normality and alternative languages, using complex data sets to develop installations, exhibitions and interactive experiences with clear narratives.

Rebecca Fiebrink is Professor of Creative Computing at University of the Arts London, where she focuses on how machine learning and AI impacts the creative process, as well as how to use these tools to improve accessibility for people with disabilities. In 2009, she created the pioneering Wekinator creative machine learning software, used by artists and designers around the world to this day.