Friday 1415:45 - 16:45
SonarPark by DICE
Una abanderada del deconstructed club nacional

Acacia Ojea aka Akazie started her musical education learning classical piano and Galician percussion in her hometown of Vigo in northwestern Spain. After studying fine art, she decided to focus on sound art, in parallel with a developing interest in deconstructed and postclub sounds. Living in both Marseille and Porto, she immersed herself in sound (both inside and outside the club), before studying audiovisual art and then pursuing a Masters in electroacoustic composition in Madrid. Today, she continues to work in both sound design and multimedia art, also DJing and running active listening workshops. The Galician artist is a perfect representation of how postclub aesthetics have opened up the dancefloor: at Sónar, expect complex, rhythmic dance music and textured experimental electronics.