‘Audiovisual Aesthetics’ Ela Minus & Querida, moderated by Philip SherburneTalk
Thursday 1316:30 - 17:30
An exploration of how music and visual art work together with the Colombian musician and Barcelona creative studio

Colombian musician Ela Minus will debut a new live show at Sónar by Day this year. As part of her forthcoming work, she’s collaborated with Barcelona creative studio Querida to create an overarching visual concept to complement her new soundscapes. At Sónar+D, she’ll be joined on stage by Querida’s Albert Estruch for an exclusive conversation that explores the intersections between the worlds of music and visual art, and how these two disciplines are increasingly intertwined. Moderating will be renowned music journalist and cultural critic Philip Sherburne, a contributing editor at Pitchfork, whose bylines also include The Wire, Resident Advisor and The New York Times.