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Thursday 1311:00 - 13:30
BMTH Pitch Session (in collaboration with Sónar+D) & MusicTech Dialogues

The Barcelona Music Tech Hub (BMTH), as a member of Music Tech Europe (MTE), aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem for world-class creative industries through knowledge, connections, and collaboration. Our goal is to accelerate innovation within the music technology ecosystem by addressing challenges and global issues pertinent to our field. We are committed to strengthening relationships with all stakeholders, enhancing the network of music technology innovators in Europe, and forging alliances to better leverage synergies among entrepreneurs.


Thursday, 13th


11:00 - 12:00 (Room +D) BMTH-MTE Pitch Session in collaboration with Sónar+D

For this session, Barcelona Music Tech Hub and Music Tech Europe have selected 10 Music Tech projects from across Europe, who will be pitching their initiatives in front of investors. 3 min for each project followed by 2 min of Q&A


12:00 - 12:45 (Room +D) 12:00 - 12:45 (Room +D) 

Musictech Dialogues by MTE: The investment landscape in music, tech & artists

Join VC representatives, business angels and founders to explore the dynamic landscape of investments in music tech and artists. Learn how startups should approach investors and understand the investor mindset. Discover strategies for monetization and engaging fans in investments.




12:45 - 13:30  (Room +D)

Musictech Dialogues by MTE:  Omnidirectional Sound: The New Wave of Audio Innovation

Spatial music, maybe the next contender for the way people listen to music day to day, has been around for almost a century. Although its constant presence in our lives beyond music, natural to how we hear and understand the world sonically, creating anything spatial requires a different thinking, let it be in terms of creation, reproduction, or even perception; and each comes with its own technological challenges. In this round table, we have both the creators and the industry experts to talk about where do we stand and what is next for spatial audio.




About BMTH


The vision of the Barcelona Music Tech Hub (BMTH) is to create a sustainable ecosystem for world-class Creative Industries in the terms of knowledge, connections and collaboration, and to support innovations in the music tech ecosystem, overcoming the global challenges affecting our field of expertise.



The music technology sector is primarily composed of small entities, which, coupled with the dichotomy between intrinsically motivated cultural and entrepreneurial activities in the music sectors, has resulted in many organisations struggling to find capital. Access to finance remains one of the main challenges for players in the music tech ecosystem, inhibiting their growth and development.



BMTH aims to support European entrepreneurship by strengthening the ecosystem of music tech innovators in Europe and creates partnerships that leverage synergies between tech-savvy entrepreneurs, artists and other players in the music industry.