Creating new identities through (digital) fashionTalk
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Friday 1416:00 - 17:00
with Isabelita Virtual, & Leanne Elliott Young (IoDF). Moderated by Elektra Kotsoni (Vogue Business)

presented by Vogue Business



When exploring virtual identities, let’s not forget fashion. In 2024, digital fashion has emerged, conquering avatars, exploding onto online platforms and creating ‘must-attend’ virtual events. Wearable art is auctioned on Instagram, catwalks are happening on Roblox, and flagship stores are popping up on Minecraft. In this roundtable, presented by Vogue Business, find out how digital fashion is going beyond clothes for avatars, and is tearing up the fashion rulebook. 


Isabelita Virtual is a pioneering Creative Director who’s worked with brands from Hermès and Apple to Dior and the Louis Vuitton Foundation. She’s currently leading the Master in

Fashion Creative Direction at Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Barcelona. Her work falls between communication, art, tech and fashion: she’s created a Versace campaign entirely using AI in 2023, and won a Webby Award for best Content in Art and Culture in 2018.


Leanne Elliott Young is the CEO & Co-Founder of Institute of Digital Fashion, who are pioneering democratisation of fashion via technology. She’s an innovator, pioneer and futurist who advocates for inclusivity and sustainability in tech and fashion, with expertise in community empowerment, web3, NFTs and digital fashion innovation. 


The conversation will be moderated by Elektra Kotsoni, deputy director for Vogue Business and Vogue Runway.