Dj FucciMusic
Friday 1417:50 - 18:35
SonarPark by DICE
Playful hybrid club music from a rising talent

An artist at the cutting edge of the Mexican electronic music scene, Dj Fucci is clearly influenced by the biodiversity of his home country. On first EP for N.A.A.F.I. he set himself the challenge of imagining what kind of club music four of the country’s native animals might write. His second release for the label features four ‘sustainable’ club tracks, each named after one of Mexico’s key crops, an exercise in musical permaculture. The music is just as playful as the concepts: nimble, percussive club tracks driven by a mix of traditional samples, breakbeats, and ravey basslines. An audio engineer, he also runs the Wava Wava netlabel, helping document Mexico’s rich ecology of club music. Sónar 2024 is the natural environment for one his first appearances outside Latin America.