S2024-BCN_Drazzit_FichaWeb (1).png
Saturday 1504:00 - 04:50
Hard, fast and relentless club music by the co-founder of Barcelona queer collective MUSA

When you see the young Drazzit for the first time... you realise that their energy is not that of just another DJ. Fanatically devoted to hard dance, trance and techno - both in their productions and their DJ sets, this Barcelona artist grows by leaps and bounds with every public appearance, fusing old-school tracks with colossal energy. With releases on labels like Mama Told Ya (founded by Anetha, who also performs at Sónar 2024) and having co-founded the new queer party series MUSA, Drazzit arrives at Sónar by Night in the best moment of their career... so far.