Gabber Eleganza presents ‘The Hakke Show’Music
Saturday 1519:55 - 20:40
SonarPark by DICE
The real dark hard gabber

Gabber Eleganza started as a digital archive created by Alberto Guerrini - 'El Diablo' to his friends, but has quickly become a multidisciplinary project encompassing art, fashion, music, and culture in general. Both as Gabber Eleganza and via his Never Sleep label, Guerrini has appeared at clubs and festivals all over the world, bridging the gap between the sonic and the aesthetic sides of hardcore, post-rave movements, and contemporary culture. At Sónar 2024, he’ll present ‘The Hakke Show',  where a group of dancers (usually veterans, although a few younger members have recently joined the group) bring the archetypical hakke style to the stage, adding their energetic choreography to the rapid rhythm - usually over 180bpm - of gabber. Get ready to jump, scream, sweat and dance at Sónar next June.