Saturday 1515:45 - 16:45
SonarPark by DICE
Hi-energy beats and pure frenzy

Although, judging by his music selection at his monthly residency at DosDos radio, Jehia is a selector with a very wide vision. In his DJ sets he has a very clear idea of where to go: club-oriented high-energy beats, intricate melodies, pure frenzy. Jehia is an artist who is clearly influenced by his environment. First, it was the madness of the streets of Cairo, his hometown. Now, it is the stress of everyday life in Barcelona, the city where she lives. Jungle, bass music, IDM and deconstructed club did their job: Jehia has developed a very particular style, in which darkness and the most vibrant energy coexist, as do his mixes, capable of covering a very wide range of genres with little effort and without the dynamism of the set being noticeable. Pure talent.