Julietta FerrariMusic
Saturday 1502:05 - 02:55
Radical, personal club music from the Barcelona underground

A member of local collective drakisJulietta Ferrari has helped bring an alternative vision of club culture to Barcelona with events that connect together different genres and new styles. Their - much missed - mobile club night Club Marabú brought diverse names like Shygirl, Chico Blanco, Juliana Huxtable, Physical Therapy, DJ Python, and Kilbourne to the city for the first time, as well as providing a platform for local DJs and collectives. Little surprise that her own vision of club music is as radical as it is personal: from fast-paced trance and hardcore techno to bubblegum pop music and ethereal ambient sounds. Her talent for threading together these different genres is astounding, as anyone who’s witnessed her play will know. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride at Sónar by Night.