KI/KI liveMusic
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Saturday 1504:05 - 05:05
SonarLab x Printworks
Rave is reborn thanks to people like her

KI/KI’s rise over the past five years has been frenetic. It all started in 2018 as a resident DJ at Spielraum, one of those Amsterdam clubs you have to go to at least once in your life. She soon made the leap to the big clubs and festivals in Europe, becoming an icon of a sound that is more akin to the golden age of rave. The Dutchwoman combines trance, acid and techno in a fast, dreamlike and euphoric sound. A sound that, now, she also performs as homegrown with her first live project, whose only date in Spain this year will be at Sónar. KI/KI, with a heart still in the most intimate corners of nightlife, will continue to leave her mark on the global rave scene.