Marta Verde 'Surprise! AI Feedback and the Unexpected' Masterclass
Thursday 1315:00 - 16:00
An analogue girl in a digital world

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Originally from Galicia, but now based in Valencia, where she teaches at the Berklee College of Music, Marte Verde is a  visual artist, creative technologist and educator. Her work explores the unpredictable relationship between the organic and the electronic, and how this can be visualised. Noise, randomness and repetition are all key elements of her practice, as is real-time digital manipulation of analog signals. Inspired by DIY and maker philosophy, she’s an avid collaborator, having worked with artists ranging from composer José Venditti, Galician producers BFlecha and Yugen Kala, and German electronic musicians Anthony Rother and Christoph de Babalon. For Sónar+D 2024, she’ll draw on her teaching experience to explain how she’s finding innovative ways to use AI technology.

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