Micaela Mantegna 'ARTficial: Generative AI, creativity and copyright' Masterclass
Friday 1414:30 - 15:30
Understanding rights and ethics in the metaverse with the ‘Abogamer’

Micaela Mantegna’s status today as an international authority on digital ethics, creativity, copyright and XR policy owes a lot to her lifelong passion for video games. The video game Mass Effect helped spark the “Abogamer’s” interest in AI ethics - a subject she’s gone on to write a book about - and indirectly led to her investigation of the metaverse, as documented in her TED Talk (over 1.5million views to date). At Sónar+D, she’ll deliver an AV lecture drawing on themes from her forthcoming book on how AI and the metaverse are being warped to serve surveillance capitalism.