Nicole L'Huillier - 'Vibrational Intelligences'Masterclass
Thursday 1316:30 - 17:00
Sound, vibration, art and AI

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A  transdisciplinary artist and researcher from Santiago, Chile, Nicole L’Huillier explores sound and vibrations as a way to explore agency, identity, collectivity and imagination. Playfulness and DIY are recurring themes in her work, which includes installations, sonic and vibrational sculptures, custom-made listening and sounding devices, performances, experimental compositions, poetry and writing.  She holds a Ph.D. in Media Arts & Sciences from MIT, and has been exhibited at venues including the Venice Architecture Biennale, Kunsthalle Baden Baden, and the Museo de Arte. For Sónar+D 2024, she’ll deliver a Masterclass that explores how she’s integrating AI in unique ways into her practice.

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