Reinier Zonneveld liveMusic
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Saturday 1504:05 - 05:25
The flamboyant dutch producer mixes the adrenaline rush of acid with the energy of techno

Reinier Zonneveld has already made his mark. The eye-catching Dutch producer has made it clear that he’ll do anything except conform.. The man who set the record for the longest live set in history (11 hours and 11 minutes) is known for his colourful shirts, fast cars, and of course, relentless acid techno. With his own festival, Karren Maar (where he set the afore-mentioned record) and label Filth On Acid, he’s developed a brand that goes beyond his own personality. Live, it’s pure power: raucous, ultra-fast techno with drops that leave you gasping for air, all delivered with an infectious energy that spreads across the dancefloor. His second appearance at Sónar by Night in the space of 3 years shows that he’s already become a firm Sónar favourite: if you missed him in 2022, you’ve got no excuse this time.