Rob ClouthMusic
Saturday 1515:30 - 16:15
An intricate, beautiful, and infinitely complex AV show, improvised entirely live on stage

AI & Music powered by S+T+ARTS

After 20 years working with a mouse, using DAWs to create music on his computer, Rob Clouth decided to abandon everything he knew, and launch himself entirely into improvisation and live performance, using custom algorithms to generate music and visuals in real-time. His work is intricate, beautiful and infinitely complex: as can be heard on his 2020 debut album Zero Point, “a love-letter to noise, chance, chaos and order”.  

In his brand new AV show, Rob takes the idea of live music to the extreme, creating every sound and image live on stage, without using loops. Using an AI-based technique he has created called "cheatboxing", Rob transforms his voice in real-time into any other sound, creating a detailed and emotive tapestry of acoustic and visual textures in which every gesture is made tangible.

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