Sasha Costanza-ChockTalk
Thursday 1317:30 - 18:00
No AI for Genocide! Algorithmic Necropolitics at the end of Empire. Visuals by Los Voluble.

‘Algorithmic Necropolitics at the end of Empire’ is a multimedia protest against the increasing deployment of AI systems to surveil, control, and consign to death those biopolitical subjects who resist full incorporation into globalised white supremacist heteropatriarchy, cisnormativity, capitalism, and settler colonialism. In this performance, Sasha Costanza-Chock presents a critical text interspersed with live performance and short poems by Michelle Rodriguez Olivero and Yara Liceaga Rojas of Poetry Is Busy Studio. Mitchell de León from Studio Maldád provides a soundtrack of beats, samples, and sounds, while Los Voluble weave video samples and text overlays together to amplify the narrative.

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