TAYHANA presents Club Latinx w/ Simona, Slim Soledad & Mare AdvertenciaMusic
Friday 1403:15 - 04:35
Fearless, female club music from Latin America’s new superproducer and friends

It’s not an exaggeration to call TAYHANA one of the hottest artists in global dance music. It’s a tag she’s earned single-handedly: she’s a self taught DJ and producer and the mind behind Club Latinx, a South America’s most radical DIY party. Her aggressive style of mixing - fast, slow, traditional and experimental - represents the diverse sounds of current Latin American club music. At Sónar by Night in June, she’ll be joined on stage by friends and collaborators Simona, Slim Soledad (who also appears solo at Sónar by Day), and Mare Advertencia  for an unforgettable party.