Team Rolfes present ‘321Rule’ live AV starring Lil MarikoMusic
Thursday 1321:00 - 22:00
A manic virtual reality augmented opera

Serial virtual reality pranksters and digital studio Team Rolfes are bringing their most ambitious project to date to Sónar. ‘321Rule’ is the Rolfes’ brothers - whose list of clients include Lady Gaga, Holly Herndon, Danny L Harle, Metallica, and Arca - “VR-puppeted, motion capture avatar-ed, real-time club-theatre performance”. Right. Essentially, it’s virtual reality augmented opera, starring an artist - in this case viral rapper Lil Mariko - in the leading role, while Team Rolfes directs the digital mayhem from the stage. Expect slapstick humour, manic visuals, genre parodies and plenty of high-bpm musical interludes. This one needs to be seen to be believed.