TORO presents: softchaos, engalanan, wicboyxMusic
Saturday 1518:50 - 19:50
SonarPark by DICE
Collective sonic and visual disobedience

co-curated by  Nuits sonores as part of TIMES


Comprised of softchaos, Engalanan, and Wicboyx, TORO is a collective that taps into rave culture in pursuit of opportunities for sonic and visual disobedience. Running a party of the same name, TORO is artistically centered around electronic music culture, but reaches for forward thinking sounds and multi-genre club music, purposefully playing with the idea that techno is expansive. Quickly making a name for themselves beyond the underground, the last year has taken the trio across the world, sharing  stages with TR/ST, LSDXOXO, Juliana Huxtable and Villano Antillano. Demanding space for community, room for new sound, and the willingness to embrace difference is at the core of the collective. At Sónar 2024, softchaos and Engalanan will go back-to-back, with Wicboyx (known for their work with Arca, amongst others) providing visuals.

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