Toya DelazyMusic
Thursday 1318:20 - 19:00
SonarVillage by Estrella Damm
Zulu rap and Afrorave

Zulu rapper and producer Toya Delazy couldn’t find a genre that fit her music, so she came up with a new one. Afrorave is the label she’s given to her high-intensity, bass-driven sound, which draws from South African gqom, as well as dancehall, jungle and drum’n’bass. Rapping entirely in Zulu over shuffling, polyrhythmic productions, she tackles issues of race and universal suffering, as well as self-expression, personal liberation and empowerment. Now based in London, she’s collaborated with the likes of Sónar 2023 artist Ahadadream, as well as Scratchclart and Tash LC, and torn up the UK capital’s clubs and dancefloors. A high-octane debut appearance at Sónar awaits next June.