04/06/2024SonarMix 047: Julietta Ferrari - Fast rhythms and catchy melodies

If the name didn’t give it away, Julietta Ferrari likes fast music. On SonarMix 047, the Barcelona DJ and promoter serves “fast rhythms and catchy melodies”, mixing up trance, hardcore, and drum’n’bass with pop melodies and post-club experiments.





Her esoteric taste - as a founding member of drakis, she was behind the much-missed Club Marabú nights in Barcelona - and her unconventional talents are evident from the start. Just five minutes in, and she’s already mixing oddball UK bassline duo Bassvictim into the galloping breaks of ‘techno memelord’ Lag’s ‘Twitch’ and Energy 52’s trance classic ‘Café del Mar ‘98’. It’s just one example of her remarkable ability to create coherent transitions between different styles and genres with her creative use of breaks and drops. 


“Dynamic” is how she describes the mix, and it’s hard to argue with her. For every big room trance and techno track, there’s a curveball: hyperspeed breaks from Djrum, a spiralling Varg remix of Aïsha DeviSnow Strippers’ Harmony Korine flavoured 8-bit digital hardcore. Trance and hardcore can sound monotonous in the wrong hands: not so here.

At Sónar by Night, she promises more of the same, inviting us to “enter a fun and immersive hour of clubbing”. Get ready to lose yourself when she takes to the stage at SonarCar on Saturday 15th June. 




Ballad - Benzema x Clean Bandit - Symphony (JF edit)

Cold Rush - Far Away

Bassvictim - As Long As

Lag - Twitch

Energy 52, Three ’N One Mix - Café Del Mar '98

Coast 2 Coast feat. Discovery - Home rmx

Cold Rush vs Calvin Harris - Thinking About Salena (JF edit)

DJ ColdsteeL - Youthmaxxing (11ai Remix)

Djrum - Hard To Say

Aïsha Devi - I’m Not Always Where My Body Is (Varg2tm Remix)

Lag - Rutra

Baby Pantera - Gemini Icon

Ingrate - There Is…

Basic Dawn - Pure Thrust (Nu NRG Remix)

Snow Strippers - You Could Be The One

Retaliate - Love Me Forever Remix

Maddix - Open Sesame

Keiska - Silhouettes edit

Agenda - Heaven (Lange remix)

Exploited Body - Collapsar

Motorcycle - As The Rush Comes

Joon Gloom - Coco Manifesto

GG12, 500 - Soul Fly