Well-being at Sónar 2024We want all our attendees to have a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience at Sónar, free from harassment and discrimination. Help us make Sónar a festival for everyone.

We’re committed to ensuring that every single member of our audience can enjoy the festival in the best possible conditions. This commitment extends to all of our staff, service providers, partners, artists and participants. 


Since 2012, Sónar has held a Q de Festa! seal of approval, granted by the Public Health Agency of Catalunya, a member of Party+ (The European Network For Safer Party Labels).


We pay special attention to the well-being of our audience. At Sónar, you’ll find freely accessible drinking water, public transport options to-and-from the festival, a selection of alcohol-free drinks, a variety of food options, noise-reducing ear plugs, information on substance use, condoms, and alcohol breathalysers. We also provide special training to all our staff, and  have a specific response plan for handling sexual harassment and assaults.   


We ask you to keep the following things in mind when at Sónar:


  • Respect and take care of other people and the environment.
  • If you feel unwell, please let one of our staff know.
  • Some substances are stronger than others, ask for information at the Energy Control stand.
  • Don’t drink and drive. Use public transport.
  • If you’re subject to or witness to sexual harassment or sexual assault, head to the Punto Lila y LGTBIQ+, where specially trained staff are available to help you. 
  • Agree on a place where you can meet your friends if you get separated.
  • Stay hydrated: free drinking water is available at points located throughout the venues.
  • Protect your skin, eyes, and ears. 
  • Don’t forget to take breaks.
  • Don’t forget to eat.



Zero tolerance for sexual harassment and assault: Punto Lila y LGTBIQ+ and ‘No Callem’ 


We want Sónar to be a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone. We’re members of the ‘No Callem’ initiative, which provides a concrete response plan in cases of sexual harassment, assault, and abuse directed at members of the LGTBIQ+ community in nightlife venues.


If you are subject to or witness to any form of aggression or inappropriate behaviour, physical or verbal, relating to gender or sexual identity, please go to the Punto Lila y LGTBIQ+ at Sónar by Día or Sónar by Night. Specially trained staff are available to help you with whatever you need. +


We ask all Sónar attendees to behave in a respectful and responsible manner towards other members of the audience and our staff, in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.



Energy Control


Safety is important to us at Sónar, which is why we’ve invited Energy Control to Sónar by Night. Head to their stand if you’re looking for information about the prevention and reduction of  the risks associated with substance use



Red Cross


The Red Cross  will be present at various locations around the venues. They’re there to help you if you feel unwell at any time or require any kind of medical attention. 


Check the map below to see where each of these stands are located.